Posted on 07/22/2022RAD Glass by RAD of South Florida - PLANTATION, FL 33313

$15 to $20 per hour depending on experience per hour Full Time

Company Description

We are a small family business specializing in the commercial glass construction industry serving the South Florida tri-county area. We specialize in fabricating and installing commercial glass exterior/interior storefronts and doors, supporting new construction, build-outs and alterations. We work on office buildings, warehouses, restaurant and retail national chains, interior mall storefronts, exterior strip malls, curtain walls, and impact windows/doors. Pay frequency is weekly.

Position Description

As a Glass Mechanic Apprentice with our commercial glass company, you will learn how to measure, cut and install exterior/interior impact glass and window storefronts and doors in office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, retail stores and malls. You will be physically active on the job demonstrating:

·        Stamina: ability to stand, kneel and/or sit holding heavy pieces of glass until fully secured/installed.

·        Strength: ability to life 50+ pounds regularly; ability to use suction cups to life heavy pieces of glass as a team.

·        Balance: ability to balance on ladders and scaffolds often while lifting heavy glass and metal; ability to move safely over unseen terrain and/or in confined spaces.

·        Hand-eye Coordination: ability to use tools to cut and/or trim glass, metal and other products accurately while on a job site then correctly install.


Job Requirements

·        Willingness and ability to learn new skills and knowledge, to accept instruction then apply on the job to:

-                   Read blueprints, drawings and plans at a basic level to accurately interpret then cut, size               and install glass and other products

-                   Use measurement tools to accurately measure then cut to size glass and other products

-                   Use glazier/construction tools to cut, size, fit and install glass and other products

·        Work effectively with team members, suppliers, contractors and customers in the warehouse and on job sites

·        Be a team player, offering to help, demonstrating a friendly, positive attitude, focused on doing good work

·        Demonstrate enough English communication skills to interact with team members, suppliers, contractors and customers

·        Able to work overtime, nights and weekends as needed (occurs infrequently, will receive differential pay rate)


Considered a Plus

·        Own your own tools and know how to use them

·        Bi-lingual, English and Spanish-speaking

·        Previous construction, carpentry or glass experience

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