Posted on 04/22/2021BBS services - Fort Lauderdale , FL 33309

13 per hour Part Time

Company Description

We're a new small company that provides friendly safety services for business to help keep there employees and employee areas safe and secure . 

Position Description

We need someone to drive a company car around property

to check doors are locked , make sure we create a presence around all 3 buildings and to make sure that we are reporting any suspicious staftey activity and lots more . Need to be self motivating because your working by yourself . There is steady downtime and a kitchen to bring food and clean bathrooms and vending machines . We also have Bso on property most of the shift to partner with if there were any security issues . 


Clean record , clean drivers license and a very positive attitude and a self management system to continue to do what's required without someone checking on them . Also being able to have a cell phone that can download apps that are needed for the job . 

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